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We are a privately owned, vibrant nursery offering your child a caring, family environment in Solihull, Birmingham. We offer high quality day care for all children from 3 months to 5 years, treating each child as a treasured individual.

At Little Cherubs we know that choosing the best nursery for your child is vital but it can seem very daunting. You need to be absolutely sure you have made the right decision to give you peace of mind. Why not come and see us?

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Please call us on 0121 707 7569 to arrange a visit and we will be happy to show you round and answer all of your questions.


Absolutely love this nursery. My 2 youngest go here and have done since they were both a young age. My son is due to start school September and I only wish he could stay at little cherubs longer, but he will be attending the holiday club they have introduced. The staff are amazing, each and every one of them, they are always there to support myself, as well as the children. I can’t recommend this nursery enough.

Sarah - May 18

I am really pleased with my son's progress, behaviour and the staff are amazing.

Paula - Nov 18

Friendly, professional staff, devoted to make the child feel at home.

Nothing makes me happier than to see my daughter jumping in excitement because its time to go to Little Cherubs nursery.

Ranan - Dec 18

My son has been going to this nursery since he was a toddler, he absolutely loves going to nursery as he has made plenty of friends! He has learnt a lot of new things from this nursery. I would recommend them to all parents who are looking to send their children to nursery

Neelam - Jan 19

Highly recommend the nursery. My daughter has developed so well since joining and really enjoys it 🙂

Darcie - Feb 19

My daughter has been at this nursery since March, she has grown in confidence and adores all the baby room staff. She has become very bubbly since she started this nursery.

Sabaa - March 19

My daughter has grown in confidence and in skills since joining this nursery. Great, supportive staff and a friendly environment.

Isabelle - Sept 19

I can not recommend this nursery enough. My son has been coming from the age of 18 months, he has grown in confidence. The staff are great they are really attentive to the children's needs. Very easy and friendly place to bring my child to, he feels just like home. Excellent!!

Mason - Oct 19

My son has been going here for 2 years now, and he loves it.

All of the staff are amazing, he use to be in the toddler room and moved to the pre-school room last year. He has learnt a lot from the staff there and you can tell that he has fun, telling us what he did that day.

Emil Ahmed - March 21

Lovely small nursery. My daughter loves to go there! Feels like a family, very friendly & dedicated staff. Many thanks to Zara for always making Mia's hair so lovely styled!

Joanna - March 21

My daughter loves going to little cherubs. The girls are brilliant and have been exceptional with everything going on at the moment, from supporting us to ensure everything is sage to helping my daughter grows in a secure and stimulating environment. I cannot recommend little cherubs enough, they are truly the best.

Svetlana - March 21

The staff in Little Cherubs are absolutely amazing and very friendly.
My son has been in there since he was 18 months and now he is 4 years old.
I can not thank you enough everyone for everything the they had done with him.
A big thank you is for Zara who is amazing with my son and he loves her very much. She gives me everyday feedbacks in details and I am gratefully for that.
Thank you to all the staff members

Yllka Oliver - June 21

This is hands down the best nursery you could ever send your child to! choosing a nursery is the scariest thing as a parent, so i'm here to tell you, THIS IS THE ONE!
The wonderful staff here have helped me raise both of my children from a few months old to 4 years old. within the 8 years i have never had a bad word to say about any of them. they go above and beyond in everything , they're friendly, loving, fun and understanding. we all love each and every one of them.

Sinead - May 22

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