Toddler Room

2 to 3 year olds

We offer a more structured day for this age group with activities to stimulate their expanding minds, including imaginative play, creative activities and outdoor play. Early numeracy and writing is learnt through playing and music. At this point your child’s confidence and social skills are increasing and we support them in this whenever we can. The friends your child makes in the Jelly Tots could stay with them for life!

Each child’s work is kept safe in their own individual drawer where parents will be able to view their child’s work and take it home.

Observation reports are kept up to date by the child’s key carer, who will continue to share details about your child’s day including their nutritional intake and wellbeing, on a daily basis. When the time comes, potty training will be introduced.  Children who still require a sleep will be able to do so as and when required.

Our philosophy is “learning through play”.  Arts and crafts are introduced from an early age, our little one’s have plenty of opportunity to get messy!