As part of our philosophy of family friendly childcare, we are very excited about this system which is rarely found in day nurseries. This is a CCTV and SECURE Webcam facility which allows parents to view live images of their children in the nursery during the day over the internet. You can “drop in” at any time, helping to reassure you by letting you see for yourself how happy your child is at Little Cherubs, and giving you the opportunity to be more involved in your child’s daily activities.

Nursery Cam is video only, so no sound is heard. It is designed to allow parents to see their children from anywhere, be it at work, at home or on a business trip overseas. There is no special software required, just an internet connection. Viewing on mobile devices is also possible.

Security is the highest priority within the system, the same technologies and processes as on-line banking and military organisations are employed. Image encryption technology ensures the images can not be “eavesdropped”.

What parents have said:

“Sitting at work after 6 months maternity leave, first week back and thinking what am I doing here. I just wanted to see my baby! Thinking, what is she doing now, is she missing me, I logged in and she was asleep! So I knew she was OK. Thank you, this is such a wonderful idea”

“It’s nice to see how good the staff are with the children. I can see that Josh is cared for when he is upset and offered a cuddle when he has woken up. These little things make me feel so much happier about leaving my son in the care of the staff”

If you have any further queries regarding this facility please feel free to request an information sheet from the Nursery Manager.